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-Camp 2023-
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Our Dynamic Squad Basketball Camp 2023

[0] The pictures of 01.04.2023.

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Welcome to the Dynamic Squad Basketball Camp 2023 page.
Like last year and at the request of many participants, this is the 2nd edition.

[1] technical information

Enrolment finished
€120 per youth
Only registrations with advance transfer to the following account:
CCPL : LU87 1111 7169 6942 0000
Name : BBC Kayldall
Notice 1 : DSC 2023
Notice 2 : Surname and first name of the young person(s)

[2] sporting information

You have registered your daughter/son for the Dymanic Squad Camp on April 1st & 2nd.
Attached you will find some information about the camp.


find the card: here
On the 2 days, any parking in front of the hall is prohibited!
Please Park your car(s) in the parking lot at the CACTUS, this was allowed by the operator for the 2 days.


- On-site registration: from 9.15 a.m - 9.45 a.m
- Camp start: 10 a.m
- Lunch at 12.15 p.m (spaghetti bolognese or without meat)
- End 1 day: 5 p.m


Start Camp: 10 a.m (please be in the gym by 9:30 a.m at the latest)
Lunch: between 12.15 p.m (pizza margarita or vegetarian)
End 2nd day: 5 p.m
We ask the parents to be in the gym for 4:00 p.m. to be present for the end of the camp (surprise for the parents)
We look forward to see all the players to a great, attractive weekend with the basketball family
P.S we also have barbecue and coffee/cake for the parents :-)


For the Dynamic Squad Camp

[3] IMPORTANT Information.

An e-mail to the following address, after the transfer, is required with the following information:

a) Surname, first name
b) date of birth
c) T-shirt size in EU standard (e.g. 172) (do not simply state your age)
d) Telephone number of both parents or the person responsible for these two days
e) How many years has your child been playing basketball?


[4] Bring

sports gear such as sneakers,
(trousers, T-shirt in a light color and one in a dark color),
a drinking bottle.